Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Night 131 - Robe

The sun did shine for about an hour or so but the wet wintery weather continues in S.A, we are really over it now!

Today we finished off the last of the school work for the year, yah! Took a few hours but its done now and we can enjoy these last 2 weeks without having to hassle the kids to get it done.

We spoke to the ranger today who said we were the only ones camping in the conservation park. I wonder if its always this quiet?

After lunch we went into Robe which is only 3kms from the camp. Its such a great little town. Its quite big but only has one main street with all the essentials. We thought we may go out for dinner tonight as we didnt have much in the fridge but there werent too many options. The pizza place was too expensive, the pub was average, the cafe had just gone into receivership and the other option was a take away seafood shop. We decided to just head home and make homemade pizzas instead.

Some pics of Robe..

The flies arent too bad here but the mozzies are out in full force. Craig is quite sure he is going to get malaria or dengue fever!!

We are leaving tomorrow to head east towards the S.A/VIC border.