Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Night 19- Longreach

We had an early morning walk along the river which we camped by. What a great spot...classic little winding river with coolabah and gum trees lined along it. Heaps of birds and cows on the walk....I'm still waiting for the first snake encounter!!

The people you meet along the way (especially the "grey-nomads") are always willing to give advice on the places to stay on the journey. The places the books don't tell you about but where others have been, usually are great spots!

We continue along these incredibly straight roads (at our steady pace of 90km/hr) past differing beautiful countrysides of red dirt, flowering wattles, big bottle trees which is then shattered like an explosion by a massive road-train coming the other way that are sometimes 50m long.......scares the 'you-know-what' out of you (we have found out now we have a button on the centre console that swings the side mirrors in.....the road-trains almost blew them off each time they past!!).

The clouds have started moving in and now it is raining as we arrive at a Longreach caravan park.

I took the kids for a swim at the local council pool (recommended by previous nomads) which is thermally heated from underground. Great to have a swim in.
We got back to camp and had a mob of about 10 kangaroos right outside our campsite. Ellie wanted to pat one but they were a bit timid......at least they didn`t box!!
That night it rained buckets!!