Saturday, November 27, 2010

Night 127- Adelaide

The morning started off pretty wet so, to the boys excitement, we knocked over some school work.

After a quick trip to the shops to buy stores (Lisa eats us out of house & van!) and another gourmet lunch, we put on our hiking thongs and head into the national park next to our campground. Oh, and I have been reminded to mention the huge huntsman that walked over my shoulder, under my chin and on down to my elbow as I sat in the drivers seat........apparently I screamed......please...I just requested some immediate help from my fearless co-pilot....thats all!!

There are huge gum trees on the walk in as we pass about 20 tennis courts walking down the 'lorrikeet and rosella' walk. We got the kids on the lookout for koalas which kept them occupied.

The forest then opened up to a big park called.........wait for it.....'The Adventure Playground'....woo hoo!! Yep, a big park for the kids. Mum & Dad's time to kick back on the grass.

It was great until we were rudely interrupted by a furry critter deciding to change trees next to was awesome to watch and no doubt the kids will remember for a long time!!

I think I do have a new favourite photo subject!